Rochester Hope For Pets


Hi Everyone! Sorry I have not written for awhile. Nothing personal…I tend to be a sporadic person. I have accepted that…haha. Ok. A few things on my mind right now:


1) I love love love my petstore, PetSavers Superstore on Monroe Ave in Rochester NY. I went there a couple of weeks ago and they just happened to be having a little event to support the start of a local website. You should check it out! It is a very new website…think of it as facebook for dogs! You can make a profile for your pup, and connect with all sorts of resources.


2) PetSavers Superstore (fyi here is their link also helped me out with their awesome coupon program. Well, GRASP did too (that’s the agency we adopted Merlin from). So, because I adopted Merlin through a rescue group, I could be part of their Responsible Pet Owner program. I got a $10 gift certificate to use right away. And just yesterday, I received three $5 gift certificates to use in May, June and July.


3) One more time now! I love PetSavers because they helped me find a decently priced grain free cat food. Yes, that’s right…the whole making my own cat food thing failed. I wanted to find a grain free cat food that was comparable in price to their current food (Purina One, Sensitive Systems). The lovely lady that helped me out recommended Earthborn Holisitics ( They actually have two grain free options for cats: Primitive Feline and Wild Sea Catch. I had once tried a fish based cat food and it smelled SO FREAKIN bad to me. I chose the Primitive Feline. So far so good! It is pretty small pieces, so my goal to find a good dry food for dental health didn’t work out there. No worries! I add a few of the greenies treats for cats, problem solved. Check out the Earthborn Holistics site! If you register for their coupons and use your PetSavers coupons…its a big discount! Without coupons, is the important part…it’s the whole point! $14.99 for a 6.6 lb brings it right in there with the Purina One.


Not done yet. I want to give a shout out to my neighbor’s cat Dewey. As Tanya said, “Dewey joined the angels in heaven yesterday”. The poor guy was having trouble with with all sorts of stuff, and Tanya found out that Dewey had VERY aggressive cancer in his intestines. This all happened so quickly. Little Dewey seemed to enjoy our visits, and I know FOR SURE that he liked it when my son Xander fed him treats :). We will miss you Dewey!!!


Merlin our new dog has proved to be FANFREAKINTASTIC! He is wonderful. Such a sweetheart! I had his first exam at my vet’s office scheduled for earlier this week. I actually called to move it up a bit because I noticed a lump on Merlin’s leg. We ended up getting in to see the vet a few days earlier. I will skip all my primitive internet research. Turn’s out our Merlin has a Mastocytoma on his hind leg! 😦 It’s a mast cell tumor, and it is cancerous. There is a good news here people! The tumor seems to be just under his skin, not attached to any muscle or bone. So, they expect to be able to remove without problem. Merlin is totally unaware of his lump…thank god. I guess, if this had been left untreated, it would most certainly begin to cause him pain and problems. We are on top of it and I am remaining positive.


On the note of the possibility of Merlin getting other mast cell tumors in the future, I paid a lot of attention to a letter I recently got in the mail. Rochester Hope For Pets has an event coming up in June, a dog walk to raise money for their organization. RHFP makes medical care possible for a lot of doggies and cats in need. My eyes and ears are a lot more open to these things now.


Check out their website here (


I am registered for the event and I have set up a website to help raise donations…you can go to to donate. Thank you in advance!!!   🙂

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I know for a fact that the movie Tootsie will be a topic of discussion again. I can wrap of this post quickly, I swear. Here are some of my Tootsie tidbits:

“I was a better man with you as a woman, that I was with a woman as a man.”

– my favorite quote from the movie! I found the pic above, which looks like it actually takes place right after Dustin Hoffman says the line to Jessica Lange. I think this picture is actually when Jessica Lange asks to borrow “Dorothy’s” Halston dress! Haha. This may be your first glimpse of me and my strange ability to remember random movie information.

– oh my god I cannot find a picture to paste in, but did you know Estelle Getty was in Tootsie? Quick, jump inside my brain! It’s the scene when Charles Durning and Dustin Hoffman are dancing. Estelle Getty come’s up to them on the dance floor…to compliment “Dorothy”. Image

My Mom moved to Kingston NY in 2000. I think it was the following Spring, when I went to the Hurley Mountain Inn with her. It was St Patrick’s Day. I remember because I won a trivia contest: Which city in American has the highest Irish American population? Duh, it’s Boston. Ok. So, we get to this restaurant and what do you know, there are a bunch of pics of Dustin Hoffman and the Tootsie cast! Hmm…the bar looks familiar. Yeah! It’s the actual location where they filmed a scene with Dustin Hoffman and Charles Durning! So cool.

Another Tootsie, Kingston tidbit…I met a kid that lived in Kingston his whole life. Guess who he went to school with? Did you guess? Well, Jessica Lange’s character in Tootsie has a daughter named Amy. This kid I just met, went to school with the actress who played Amy!!! She was just a wee babe in the movie…her real name is Amy Lawrence.

Last thing, I swear…because my children have just found the markers. I love Dustin Hoffman as an actor and not only because of my obsession with the movie Tootsie. When I was in 4th grade, I was still at Dalton. I will NEVER forget the day when we went as a class to watch some performance that the 3rd grade was doing. We did all sorts of buddy activities like that, kinda nice actually. Anywhoo, I wasn’t watching Les Mis or anything of that level so I was a bored 10 year old. I was browsing around, looking at parents in the audience. Prepare yourself…Dustin Hoffman was sitting right behind me! I think I squealed. Turns out his son Jake was in the performance.


Later folks!

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Desperately Seeking Saltimbocca


The picture above does not do Saltimbocca justice. Alas, I am not in the habit of taking pictures of my food before I eat it…so this canned image from Google will have to do.

I wanted to give a shout out, to two restaurants here in the Rochester NY area: Grandpa Sam’s in Spencerport and TBones Steakhouse in Penfield. I have eaten my recent favorite Saltimbocca dishes there. In fact, the only Veal that I’ve eaten in god knows how long. All hail the great Veal Saltimbocca!!! There is no ground breaking point or purpose to this little blog today…I just wanted to share some more yumminess with you.

Ok. Let’s start out with menu descriptions! Here we have Grandpa Sam’s  Lightly floured veal, pan seared prosciutto, fresh sage, mushrooms, olives, and spinach all simmered in a buttery, white-wine sauce, smothered in mozzarella cheese and served over capellini.

Here we have TBones  Sautéed panko-breaded medallions of veal with garlic, prosciutto, kalamata olives, sage and fresh mozzarella cheese, served over house made pappardelle pasta.

Are you drooling yet? You can just nod your head…it’s ok. Saltimbocca in general is a good thing. If I think so, there have to be others out there, right? You bet there are! Check out these websites:

Thanks to looking through these websites/articles, I now know that the word ‘saltimbocca’ means to jump in the mouth. Just by that definition, you know you are in for something good. Saltimbocca (pork, chicken and veal alike) originated in Italy. Most likely not in Rome, but in Brescia, northern Italy. The groupies of Saltimbocca are prosciuotto, panceta, sage, olives, saltiness and tangy goodness. called Saltimbocca alla Romana the king of all Italian Secondi, I am pretty sure that means Saltimbocca dishes are the best of the best in Italian main courses. 🙂



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We are getting a dog! Merlin will be coming to our home this Sunday, which just happens to be my birthday. Last night, I was at dinner with a good friend, talking about Merlin…and she said “you sound scared”. Truth be told, I am scared. A combination of anxiety and excitement. A LONG time ago, right after we got married and before Xander came along, we had a dog named Frankie. All you need to know is that Frankie was INSANE! On the bright side, we found Frankie a fantastic home with a couple that had no kids and liked crazy dogs. OK. Merlin. I am a bit scared and anxious that having a dog will automatically turn into a hellish situation with poop, pee and puke everywhere. Ahh! I mean, sometimes I actually forget that things are so different now! We have two kids, I am home all the time, NOT working full time like I was when we had Frankie. The more I admit I am a bit scared, the more it fades.

Now for the excitement! Finding Merlin really feels like a blessing. Through one of my crafty shows, I learned about G.R.A.S.P. (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) I found Merlin on their site. Here is Merlin’s link, but I don’t know how long it will stay active Oh, I should probably state that Merlin was formerly spelled Merlyn. With all do respect to his previous owner, I just like Merlin better. I most definitely did not want a puppy this time around. Of course I was thinking getting a dog that was already housetrained and new commands would be impossible. Good with kids and good with cats were two VERY important factors. I filled out the online app, and then heard back from an agency volunteer. I learned that Merlin was not a stray that had been rescued. His owner became unable to care for him. There’s more…he was trained as a rescue dog! Yeah, I don’t actually know what that means, but doesn’t it sound cool!? He came to our house this past weekend along with the GRASP volunteer. We saw that Merlin is definitely a German Shepherd mix, and he is a BIG boy! Get this…I said “sit” and he sat! Amazing. He was very good with Xander and Abby, he saw the cats, wagged his tail and then walked away from them. Ok, all good! Mark and I talked it over, we really considered every darn angle.

Once we decided Merlin was a go, my wheels really started churning. I had a new obsession! Or as Mark has since coined it, my nesting instinct kicked in…time to plan for our new baby. First step, Merlin is a long time eater of Purina Pro Plan, Shredded Lamb and Rice. Mark has an Amazon Prime membership, so I started looking on there. I saw a listing that said a 35lb bag of food was $53! Instantly I started freaking out thinking, oh no, I’ve done it again…pushed to get a dog and now we will go broke feeding it. Turns out I was looking at a grain free version of Pro Plan. Ok. Next, I turned to Country Max. I am pretty sure it’s a store exclusive to the Rochester area, but to my NYC friends, if you are ever in need of farm supplies, check it out! I found Merlin’s food at Country Max for $36.99, same 35lb bag. I am always leery when I see things listed for sale online, ya never know if the particular item will be available in store. So, I called…it’s a regular item…phew.

Next stop, flea and tickville. I started by calling our current vet to see what they had there. They recommended Activyl for doggie flea and tick prevention. Guess how much the 6 month supply would have been? $110! RE-DONK-U-LOUS. No doubt, it’s a great product…but, there had to be something more cost effective. I decided I was going to compare some of the other brands I had heard of: K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus. I ran into some new brands too, I really looked into everything.  Just google the brands you are considering, and you can even find comparison charts out there. I decided on Bio Spot Defense because of how much it prevents and because of the cost. Here is a link for the manufacturer’s page just so happens that Bio Spot was available at Country Max! Yeah! $36.99 for a 6 month supply, not too bad. I have been advised that you really should give flea & tick prevention to your dog during the warmer months…when the ground is frozen, it’s not as important. Oh! Tidbit here. Our vet said we DO NOT have to give f & t prevention meds to the only indoor cats. Yeah!

All my f & t reading brought to light that you also need to give your dog a heartworm prevention med…all year long actually. Well, there are some meds for animals that are all inclusive (flea, tick and heartworm prevention). I guess those meds are newer, less available…meaning more expensive for now. Back to heartworm. I googled some of the brands I knew of. I was extremely surprised to see that heartworm prevention brands like Sentinel and Heartguard were just as expensive as some of the better known flea & tick meds! Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a dog should have the best of the best…but are the more expensive products really better? I stumbled across an article about Nuheart, the generic version of Heartguard. Even doggies have generics! It seems that Nuheart is very popular in Australia. I did not see Nuheart as being available for purchase at stores in our neck of the woods. Online however, I found a great deal $21 for a 6 month supply.

Most of the other things I wanted to get for Merlin were not that adventurous. I think my food container idea was pretty darn cool! I must say one more time, I am not cheap, I am concerned about finding deals 🙂 I bought a five gallon paint bucket from Lowe’s with a nice sturdy air tight lid. Voila! I now have a nice big food container for under $5!

Now I have to add the crafty part of my Merlin prep. The dog bed. I wanted to make one for him. Turns out that foam by the yard at Joann’s is made of gold. I had the spare king size sheet at home already, so I thought “why not make the filling for the dog bed from cut up clothes!” I have probably three big bags of outgrown/old clothes in the garage. I started cutting stuff up, and very quickly realized that to make enough stuffing for a dog bed, I would be cutting up clothes for about hmm….a year. I went for a casual and easy solution…the stuffing will be blankets. We also have a plethora of blankets at home. As the weather gets warmer, we’ll even be able to stuff in the king size comforters! For the outside of the dog bed, I used the spare king size sheet. I folded the sheet in half and sewed up one of the now shorter ends. I pulled up the sewed end, to about the middle of my folded over king size sheet. I stared at it trying to get an idea of what size I wanted to make the giant pillow case. This is all making perfect sense in my head, but maybe I should just share the website that gave me this idea: The tutorial is great! I glanced at it for the pillow case idea. I knew that using actual pillows for the inside would not work for Merlin because he is HUGE! Gotta go now. We have been outside playing this whole time. It’s nice out! But, my fingers are cold man!

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Rosario Pino’s Artisan Foods…Rochester is keeping it classy!


Last Friday, I had a HUGE treat. Mark met a goal at work and as a reward, we went to an amazing dinner. Rochester, I want to make sure you know about Rosario Pino’s Artisan Foods. It’s located in the Piano Works plaza in East Rochester. Here’s their link I had so much fun and the food was fan-freakin-tastic. I’m just gonna go ahead and walk you through the night.

You walk through the door, and I don’t know how you wouldn’t get side tracked immediately. Everywhere you look is covered with the wonderful foods of Italy. They have beautiful pasta, specialty grains like risotto…cookies! Olive Oil based beauty products. I mean, it’s insane. They have their own brand of olive oil too! In god knows how many flavors: I’m talking chocolate, garlic, lemon, artichoke, onion, pomegranate…the list goes on. They also have delicious little jars of onions. Mmmm. I bought this olive oil that was straight from Italy, I mean no English on the bottle whatsoever. It’s infused with lemon. I am not a big cook at home, and I have already found ways to use this. Instead of butter, over pasta. Cooking veggies! Or, just taking off the cap and smelling it.

At the back of the store, there are three rows of really nice tables and a little kitchen. We were there to eat a planned menu. Naturally I forgot the menu with recipes there, but I can still remember just about everything. By the way, every course was paired with a personally selected wine. I mean, I would have gone just for the delicious wine. Alrighty, first course was a pear risotto, with my favorite lemon olive oil!! Rosario Pino’s brought in a chef friend, Joel Kraft. Obviously all the food was excellent so he was a great chef, but he was also very easy to follow, should anyone want to recreate the yumminess. I had seconds of the risotto. I knew it was going to be one of those nights where I was willing to eat as much as possible to enjoy the moment. Throw your worries about being sick out the door. If it happens it happens. There was a butternut squash soup, parsnip and potato puree, gorgeous filets of steak from a local butcher, brussel sprouts and a maple bread pudding!!!

Have I made you hungry? Good. Go check out their website! You can visit just to shop or sign up for a class. You will NOT regret it. Plan on not eating for a few days before you go, if you do a class.

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purex natural elements tropical splash – Google Search

Did you know that this laundry detergent smells like HEAVEN and is pretty darn cheap? I bought it at Wegmans, I wanna say it was like $5.50. Anywhoo, it makes me smile when I wash stuff.

purex natural elements tropical splash – Google Search.

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Let’s give this a try…

Ok. I am not what I would call a computer person, so….honestly, I don’t know if this first post will even work! haha. My brain is ON ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes, I catch myself saying to myself “man, that would be interesting to share with someone”. You, reading this…you are my someone. And I have a lot to share! 🙂Image

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