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I live in Rochester NY with my husband, two kids, two cats and a soon to be here dog. I am a stay at home Mom. My daughter Abby will be 3 in a few days and my son Alexander is 6. I have been living in Rochester NY since 2002. Prior to that, I went to SUNY Binghamton...that's where I met my husband! Prior to that, I lived and grew up in NYC. I started in Kindergarten at the Dalton School and then in 7th grade switched to the Nightingale Bamford School. I graduated from NBS in 1998. That is the BRIEF about me story...stay tuned for what I can imagine will be about five million versions of the about me story.


We are getting a dog! Merlin will be coming to our home this Sunday, which just happens to be my birthday. Last night, I was at dinner with a good friend, talking about Merlin…and she said “you sound scared”. Truth … Continue reading

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Rosario Pino’s Artisan Foods…Rochester is keeping it classy!

Last Friday, I had a HUGE treat. Mark met a goal at work and as a reward, we went to an amazing dinner. Rochester, I want to make sure you know about Rosario Pino’s Artisan Foods. It’s located in the … Continue reading

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purex natural elements tropical splash – Google Search

Did you know that this laundry detergent smells like HEAVEN and is pretty darn cheap? I bought it at Wegmans, I wanna say it was like $5.50. Anywhoo, it makes me smile when I wash stuff. purex natural elements tropical … Continue reading

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Let’s give this a try…

Ok. I am not what I would call a computer person, so….honestly, I don’t know if this first post will even work! haha. My brain is ON ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes, I catch myself saying to myself “man, that would … Continue reading

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