Rochester Hope For Pets


Hi Everyone! Sorry I have not written for awhile. Nothing personal…I tend to be a sporadic person. I have accepted that…haha. Ok. A few things on my mind right now:


1) I love love love my petstore, PetSavers Superstore on Monroe Ave in Rochester NY. I went there a couple of weeks ago and they just happened to be having a little event to support the start of a local website. You should check it out! It is a very new website…think of it as facebook for dogs! You can make a profile for your pup, and connect with all sorts of resources.


2) PetSavers Superstore (fyi here is their link also helped me out with their awesome coupon program. Well, GRASP did too (that’s the agency we adopted Merlin from). So, because I adopted Merlin through a rescue group, I could be part of their Responsible Pet Owner program. I got a $10 gift certificate to use right away. And just yesterday, I received three $5 gift certificates to use in May, June and July.


3) One more time now! I love PetSavers because they helped me find a decently priced grain free cat food. Yes, that’s right…the whole making my own cat food thing failed. I wanted to find a grain free cat food that was comparable in price to their current food (Purina One, Sensitive Systems). The lovely lady that helped me out recommended Earthborn Holisitics ( They actually have two grain free options for cats: Primitive Feline and Wild Sea Catch. I had once tried a fish based cat food and it smelled SO FREAKIN bad to me. I chose the Primitive Feline. So far so good! It is pretty small pieces, so my goal to find a good dry food for dental health didn’t work out there. No worries! I add a few of the greenies treats for cats, problem solved. Check out the Earthborn Holistics site! If you register for their coupons and use your PetSavers coupons…its a big discount! Without coupons, is the important part…it’s the whole point! $14.99 for a 6.6 lb brings it right in there with the Purina One.


Not done yet. I want to give a shout out to my neighbor’s cat Dewey. As Tanya said, “Dewey joined the angels in heaven yesterday”. The poor guy was having trouble with with all sorts of stuff, and Tanya found out that Dewey had VERY aggressive cancer in his intestines. This all happened so quickly. Little Dewey seemed to enjoy our visits, and I know FOR SURE that he liked it when my son Xander fed him treats :). We will miss you Dewey!!!


Merlin our new dog has proved to be FANFREAKINTASTIC! He is wonderful. Such a sweetheart! I had his first exam at my vet’s office scheduled for earlier this week. I actually called to move it up a bit because I noticed a lump on Merlin’s leg. We ended up getting in to see the vet a few days earlier. I will skip all my primitive internet research. Turn’s out our Merlin has a Mastocytoma on his hind leg! 😦 It’s a mast cell tumor, and it is cancerous. There is a good news here people! The tumor seems to be just under his skin, not attached to any muscle or bone. So, they expect to be able to remove without problem. Merlin is totally unaware of his lump…thank god. I guess, if this had been left untreated, it would most certainly begin to cause him pain and problems. We are on top of it and I am remaining positive.


On the note of the possibility of Merlin getting other mast cell tumors in the future, I paid a lot of attention to a letter I recently got in the mail. Rochester Hope For Pets has an event coming up in June, a dog walk to raise money for their organization. RHFP makes medical care possible for a lot of doggies and cats in need. My eyes and ears are a lot more open to these things now.


Check out their website here (


I am registered for the event and I have set up a website to help raise donations…you can go to to donate. Thank you in advance!!!   🙂

About Antonia Blakeney

I live in Rochester NY with my husband, two kids, two cats and a soon to be here dog. I am a stay at home Mom. My daughter Abby will be 3 in a few days and my son Alexander is 6. I have been living in Rochester NY since 2002. Prior to that, I went to SUNY Binghamton...that's where I met my husband! Prior to that, I lived and grew up in NYC. I started in Kindergarten at the Dalton School and then in 7th grade switched to the Nightingale Bamford School. I graduated from NBS in 1998. That is the BRIEF about me story...stay tuned for what I can imagine will be about five million versions of the about me story.
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