I know for a fact that the movie Tootsie will be a topic of discussion again. I can wrap of this post quickly, I swear. Here are some of my Tootsie tidbits:

“I was a better man with you as a woman, that I was with a woman as a man.”

– my favorite quote from the movie! I found the pic above, which looks like it actually takes place right after Dustin Hoffman says the line to Jessica Lange. I think this picture is actually when Jessica Lange asks to borrow “Dorothy’s” Halston dress! Haha. This may be your first glimpse of me and my strange ability to remember random movie information.

– oh my god I cannot find a picture to paste in, but did you know Estelle Getty was in Tootsie? Quick, jump inside my brain! It’s the scene when Charles Durning and Dustin Hoffman are dancing. Estelle Getty come’s up to them on the dance floor…to compliment “Dorothy”. Image

My Mom moved to Kingston NY in 2000. I think it was the following Spring, when I went to the Hurley Mountain Inn with her. It was St Patrick’s Day. I remember because I won a trivia contest: Which city in American has the highest Irish American population? Duh, it’s Boston. Ok. So, we get to this restaurant and what do you know, there are a bunch of pics of Dustin Hoffman and the Tootsie cast! Hmm…the bar looks familiar. Yeah! It’s the actual location where they filmed a scene with Dustin Hoffman and Charles Durning! So cool.

Another Tootsie, Kingston tidbit…I met a kid that lived in Kingston his whole life. Guess who he went to school with? Did you guess? Well, Jessica Lange’s character in Tootsie has a daughter named Amy. This kid I just met, went to school with the actress who played Amy!!! She was just a wee babe in the movie…her real name is Amy Lawrence.

Last thing, I swear…because my children have just found the markers. I love Dustin Hoffman as an actor and not only because of my obsession with the movie Tootsie. When I was in 4th grade, I was still at Dalton. I will NEVER forget the day when we went as a class to watch some performance that the 3rd grade was doing. We did all sorts of buddy activities like that, kinda nice actually. Anywhoo, I wasn’t watching Les Mis or anything of that level so I was a bored 10 year old. I was browsing around, looking at parents in the audience. Prepare yourself…Dustin Hoffman was sitting right behind me! I think I squealed. Turns out his son Jake was in the performance.


Later folks!

About Antonia Blakeney

I live in Rochester NY with my husband, two kids, two cats and a soon to be here dog. I am a stay at home Mom. My daughter Abby will be 3 in a few days and my son Alexander is 6. I have been living in Rochester NY since 2002. Prior to that, I went to SUNY Binghamton...that's where I met my husband! Prior to that, I lived and grew up in NYC. I started in Kindergarten at the Dalton School and then in 7th grade switched to the Nightingale Bamford School. I graduated from NBS in 1998. That is the BRIEF about me story...stay tuned for what I can imagine will be about five million versions of the about me story.
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